Thursday, August 26, 2010

dear sissy is sick

According to her X-Ray result her left shoulder has the impression of Calcific Tendinitis that caused inflammation of her entire left shoulder and arm that she couldn't freely move it.

So this and my few days trip to Davao explain the week-long silence here.

Barely after I arrived home from Davao, my mind was all set to unload my stories and updates to my blogs but my body reacted otherwise. My legs were all worn out from the walking activities we did during the Kadayawan Festival and my entire body felt so sore and rather wants rested in bed than up so again for that I took another day of rest. Thanks to my niece, Bernadette and her so tender hands for the soothing massage. It was quite a relief!

The following morning was so calm and quite. I thought it was a perfect time to start ticking my keyboard when my phone rung. It was my sister. And to cut the story short, I was unable to blog again. I went to see her and accompanied her to the hospital... that took us another day...

SIGH! Where there's happiness, there's sorrow... such is life!

Still unable to work but good thing her condition is improving now.
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