Tuesday, September 7, 2010

smoke invasion

Is it right to inhale the smell of grilled pork chops around my house all through out the day... and night too?

Okay, this is how the short story went... it is my late Papa's birthday today. We (my family) decided to have a little feast. Apart from the foods we ordered from the restaurant, brother also made us about 3 pounds of grilled pork chops in which thick smoke it created had stormed all over my place. Awwww, my eyes!!!

But that was 12 hours ago already and yet the trace of the same smell is still sticking around. Grrr!!!

A few splash of an air freshener could have made some wonder but I got nothing to grab. Hu-hu-hu! Now I just have to sleep it out and hopefully tomorrow before I wake there will be no more of it.

We all enjoyed the recipe though!
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JK said...

Beautiful photos wow so pretty. The clouds almost look 3D coming off the page...

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