Tuesday, February 1, 2011

starting anew this feb

February is here! I like the idea how time speeds up. Funny how we feel that way when we are looking forward for something to happen but on the contrary, I feel a bit disappointed over my own poor deed here - and that is for letting this page sit and get dried up at one corner without even giving a thought of fueling it up for quite a long time. Thankfully, blogging got to have no boss or I would have been fired out already, hehe.  

I admit I have some extremity issues which up until now I am still hardly trying to deal with. It's I could either be a strongly motivated blogger or the total opposite. To become emotionally upset is the strongest cause if distraction to me. Contrary to what other bloggers are capable of, I'm never good at ranting about personal and emotional issues at any of my pages. But make it at a real time... hahahaha, that's where I'm good at!

Oh well... that's all for now for another start. February is actually my month and I'm glad it started out right so far.
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