Friday, July 30, 2010

spur of the moment

Spur of the Moment is an English idiom which means an "impulse". If you do something on the spur of the moment, you do it because you felt like it at that time, without any planning or preparation.

This is how my attitude goes to blogging pretty much all the time. But don't get me wrong. I have bunch of things in mind to talk about and it is primarily the reason why I have decided to launch this new blog of mine.

Call me Kat. I am a Mass communicator by profession, once a teacher, became a correspondent to a certain USAID Foundation, turned into an Administrative staff in a sophisticated car company in Davao and now finally, a full-time blogger.

I became so fond with many online activities since my college days. In 2007, a friend introduced me to this blogging thing. It's real tough at first seeing I'm not familiar with codes and HTMLs but I took it as a challenge. To make the story short, I surpassed all the headaches and pain. Now I am blogging on my own. Of course I also give credit to some virtual friends whom I have drawn some inspirations to continue blogging until I get so fascinated with it.

So anyway, what's Spur of the Moment is all about, if you may ask?
It will still definitely be all about me, my life and everything in between.

There's no way I would know each visitors that may come in and out in this new page of mine so if you want me to visit you back, please feel free to drop me a message on my chat box with your blog URLs. Likewise, comments and reactions to any of my entries are also very much welcome... just no violent ones, please!
For now, I would like to welcome everyone and may we all have a wonderful day ahead.
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Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Welcome to the blogoshpere! Popped over from a link over at By Grace.

Have fun and again welcome!

Jim said...

Hi Kat ~~ Welcome to the blogging world. I like to visit first posts. You have a nice blog.

Like they told me when I started, just write and then read other's blogs and leave comments. If those bloggers like what you write they will keep on with you. :)

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