Tuesday, August 3, 2010

looking for interesting memes

I remember during my first few months in blogging back in 1997 the blogosphere was so packed with tags and memes. They are fun to do although there were also times that I find them too much especially if the come around over and over. Others can be really nonsense too. But I must admit I am missing all those tags and memes. In anyway they can be of material especially if you're on accomplishing rigid paid postings and got no time to think of filler posts, these memes can play a good one, hehe.

But that is not of course the primary reason why I am looking for interesting memes although like I said, I know it can be helpful in the long run. For one, I want a community of fun bloggers - big or small to make friends to and share my ideas with on a regular basis. Secondly, I want to make use of my taken pictures instead of just letting them sit in my memory sticks so a photo meme would do. Please feel free to suggest if you know of any.

God bless and thank you so much ahead! :)
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